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I do things purely for entertainment value.


Wait... Are They Dating?

Tue, 02/14/2012 - 1:50PM by Mandi Villa 0 Comments -

As Maggs and I are scanning facebook...

Maggie: "Is Kim K having a hard Valentine's Day?"
Me: "Well M&Ms sent her special M&Ms so..."
Maggie: "Wait, what? Are they dating"
(I laugh uncontrollably)
Me: "No M&Ms the candy"
Maggie: "When did they start dating?! I didn't know!"
(Can't stop laughing)
Me: "No, M&Ms the corporation"
Maggie: "Oh...."

Happy Valentine's Day!


To clear up the confusion: http://kimkardashian.celebuzz.com/2009/02/14/the-cutest-thing-ever-2/kim...


Breaking Karli

Wed, 11/30/2011 - 4:35PM by Shannon Vestal Robson reblogged by Mandi-Villa 0 Comments -
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SO good! Karls I hope those pumps were comfortable.

Sean might have a little vampiric competition.


Is That Arabic For Yuck?

Tue, 11/29/2011 - 11:19AM by Mandi Villa 0 Comments -

I dated a few Rajs... and I'm from the Valley.

<p>J Lo


Mandi Vill-elf

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The best way to kick-off the holiday season!


Farewell Entourage: Let's Hug It Out Bitch

Fri, 07/22/2011 - 3:15PM by Mandi Villa 0 Comments -

This Sunday marks a sad day in the history of cable television, July 24th at 10:30pm (PST) the final season of Entourage will premiere (le sigh). This series has been a phenomenon of friendship, stardom, comedic relief, real life drama, and modern-day Hollywood. Entourage is a fan favorite among everyone, including my mom. I am thrilled to have watched these actors/characters grow through the series. I am so excited to see what executive producers Mark Wahlberg (Hey Marky Mark!) and Stephen Levinson have in store for the final season. I have so many questions that MUST be answered before I get closure.

  • What's going to happen with Sloan and Eric?
  • Is Ari going to be able to save his marriage?
  • Will Vinnie have the strength to stay clean after his stint in rehab?
  • Does Drama finally have a winning show on his hands (paws)?
  • When/How did Turtle get so hot?

Okay so the last point probably won't be covered this season, but it is a valid question. I don't know if there will ever be a show like this one. It definitely ranks top 5 of all-time in my book. A big congrats and thank you to all that made this small screen show a big time hit.

Take a trip down memory lane when you check out the gallery.


LL Cool J(T)

Thu, 07/21/2011 - 5:05PM by Mandi Villa 0 Comments -

I can never get enough of this amazing man!



Q: Why Don't You Make Her Buy Your New Car?

Wed, 05/18/2011 - 4:10PM by Mandi Villa 0 Comments -

A: She will give me "terms" and I don't want her puttin' the HO in my Tahoe



Weekend Wardrobe

Fri, 05/13/2011 - 1:45PM by Mandi Villa 0 Comments -

I have an exciting line up for this weekend. My friend Minners (nickname... obvi) is in town celebrating her birthday (Happy Birthday Dollface!) and we have some fun plans on the agenda.

Tonight will be low-key, grabbing some drinks and apps somewhere local 'cuz we wouldn't want to get burned out the first day of the weekend. Tomorrow we will be at Fort Mason for Oysterfest — noming (new word) on food, listening to music, and having a couple cocktails (you know how girls are). Sunday is the most coveted day in the San Francisco Bay Area. That's right folks... it's BAY TO BREAKERS!* What whaaaat! My friends are I are dressing as Crayola crayons... yes you read that correctly. So, if you see a line of crayons strollin' around your neighborhood make sure to say hi!

Even though I will be a crayon (possibly melted.. please don't rain) on Sunday, check out my gallery for a couple fun and fresh weekend wardrobe options!

Have a great one!


*Here is a pic I took at B2B a couple years back. Ahhh memories.



Thu, 04/07/2011 - 5:23PM by Mandi Villa 0 Comments -

*Best read if listening to "Under the Sea" by Sebastian and friends - yes I realize they didn't write it, but they sing it therefore they get all the credit

The other day I was happily cruising along the 41 to work (maybe I shouldn't have divulged that info... if you are a creepy weirdo please pretend you did NOT just read that) and I came across a website called Rocket Shoes. I started reading one of the posts and found myself laughing hysterically while other commuters looked at me like I was on "the crack" (obvi I'm not on drugs). I scanned through the site reading older posts and all of a sudden there it was... it hit me like a Burberry tote slapping the crap out of a camel that has just jumped on your back (sidenote: that was a dream my roomie had - she is kind of strange - and she laughs in her sleep - that's a WHOLE other story)... SHRIMPS (shrimpi?) HAVE LEGS!!! Umm how did I not know this?! I love shrimp — cocktail, grilled, sauteed, fried — yet all this time I never knew they had legs? Who am I? The better question is who are my parents? They never thought I would like to know that my dinner ran to my plate? Not only do they have legs but shrimps frequent treadmills (don't click that link if you just ate shrimp ceviche for lunch)?! What?! Now that I know this fun little fact I have SO many thoughts/unanswered questions running through my mind...


True Life: I'm a Bum

Tue, 04/05/2011 - 2:45PM by Mandi Villa 0 Comments -

*Best read if listening to "Help" by The Beatles - Obvi they are in dire need of some kind of assistance. CG you need to get your life in order ASAP!

I don't really have anything important to say in this post (sike EVERYTHING I say is important), I just really enjoyed this picture and thought I should share the wealth. There is so much going on here I don't even know where to begin. Instead of breaking down all the madness in this little 4x6 photo, I will just point out some of my favorite parts. In no specific order - the fact that it looks like you shaved off your eyebrows, the angle makes your nose look teenie tiny a la Michael Jackson, and A looks like... well I can't really say what she looks like because that would be politically incorrect which would throw off my whole New Year's resolution*. I really just like looking at this picture because it puts a smile on my face and smiling is my favorite. I hope everyone else enjoys this wonderful example of what you should NOT be doing with your life.


*In case you are curious my New Year's resolution is to be a nicer (that looks weird) person to people I don't know. Yes I said people I do NOT know. Therefore I can be mean myself if we are already friends! Congrats friends! :) I would also like to point out that CG (you know I wuv you) said I could use this photo for a post. I didn't just take it and start writing wretched things. I wouldn't do that... well not in 2011 ;)